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  • The dust collector is suitable for drilling holes with drills and drill bits up to 70 mm in diameter
  • The dust collector is made of high quality polyamide, reinforced with glass fibers
  • Suitable for all "SDS +" and "SDS Max" perforators and breakers
  • Interchangeable brush ring
  • Two suction chambers - the first chamber is designed for the drill that drills into the work surface, the second chamber creates a vacuum that holds the dust collector to the drilled surface
Article number: 138002
Barcode: 3800972023734
Brand: Raider Power Tools

  • The dust collector has two chambers

  • The air flow first passes through the chamber around the drill hole and then passes through the second chamber

  • With this dust collector, due to the significantly larger drilling diameters, both chambers, in addition to precise dust removal, also provide a good enough vacuum that firmly attaches the dust collector even to uneven surfaces

  • With the special seal, the dust collector adheres tightly to the wall

  • The vacuum cleaner adapter has a special rubber seal suitable for all types of vacuum cleaners

  • For diameters from 26 to as much as 59 mm

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