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  • Handle for transportation
  • Voltmeter
  • AC output
  • DC output
  • Manually start the engine
Article number: 129941
Barcode: 3800123120213
Brand: Raider Power Tools

Raider machines are widespread in the professional construction industry as well. The range of tools offered can meet the needs of every user, depending on the requirements and scale of work.

The RD-GG03 Gasoline Generator is primarily intended for stationary use in places that are completely devoid of electricity. It is suitable for emergency supply of villas, single-family houses, small offices, construction sites. It also finds application where it is necessary to use electrical machines and tools but there is no access to electricity.

The RD-GG03 features:

  • 6.7hp engine power

  • Features
    Main characteristics
    Rated voltage type Gasoline
    Rated generator power output 5 kW
    Dc output 230 V
    Additional characteristics
    Number of outputs 3
    Number of plugs 2
    Tank capacity 25 l
    Fuel consumption 325 g/kWh
    Sound power level 96 dB
    Application General Use
    Engine capacity 389 cm³
    Ignition system Manual
    Fuel type Gasoline
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