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  • Tip for work near glass
  • Barbecue ignition nozzle
  • Convenient for burning weeds
Article number: 074309
Barcode: 3800972001978
Brand: Raider Power Tools

Raider machines are widespread in the professional construction industry as well. The range of tools offered can meet the needs of every user, depending on the requirements and workload.

RD-HG20 Heat gun can be used to:

  • Evenly heat plastic objects (assembling PVC pipes)

  • Removing old paints and varnishes
  • Facilitates the removal of old floor coverings

  • Accelerates the drying process of fresh varnish coatings

  • RD-HG20 is characterized by:

  • Ergonomic handle < / li>
  • Convenient construction

  • 2000W electric heater

  • Barbecue nozzle

  • Weed burner nozzle

  • Auxiliary Tips

  • Features
    Main characteristics
    Rated input power 2000 W
    Number of air temperature levels 1
    Air temperature 650 °C
    Rated voltage type Corded - Electrical Grid
    Additional characteristics
    Maximum delivery rate 480 l/min
    Cable length 2 m
    Rated voltage 230 V
    Number of air volume levels 1
    Wide Nozzle2pcs.
    Reducing Nozzle1 pc.
    Reflector Nozzle1 pc.
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