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  • Three-position trigger switch
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Engine located perpendicular to the main air flow, which protects it from overheating
Article number: 030160
Barcode: 3800972018884
Brand: Raider Pro

The Raider Pro R20 cordless tools have high performance, improved functionality and a three-year warranty. They have extremely high mobility, and therefore find application in a number of activities.

What connects the machines from the Raider Pro R20 series in a single separate family is that they are all adapted to work with the same type, one or more, lithium-ion batteries with an output voltage of 20V.

The Cordless Heat Gun RDP-SHG20 is used for:

  • Safe removal of paints and varnishes, for shaping and shrinking with hot air

  • Ideal for drying plaster or plaster patches, freshly painted surfaces, removing old paint, applying wax to skis and snowboards, defrosting pipes, bending plastics, insulating wires and electrical connections with a heat-shrinkable hose etc.

  • The model also has:
  • Ergonomic handle, which are designed for a more comfortable grip

  • Engine perpendicular to the main airflow, which protects the tool from overheating

  • Features
    Main characteristics
    Rated voltage (V) 20 V
    Maximum delivery rate (l/min) 200 l/min
    Air temperature (°C) 550 °C
    Rated voltage type Battery
    Concentration nozzle1 pc.
    Spoon shaped reflecting nozzle1 pc.
    Surface nozzle1 pc.
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