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  • Gravity lateraly, plastic tank
  • Lightweight construction
Article number: 089909
Barcode: 3800123123177
Brand: Raider Power Tools

Raider machines are widespread in the professional construction industry as well. The range of tools offered can meet the needs of every user, depending on the requirements and scale of work.

The RD-SG02 has:

  • 600ml container volume

  • Ø1.5mm diameter nozzle

  • Ergonomic design and lightweight construction

    Designed for delicate painting of all surfaces, fences, furniture, facades, walls and more.

  • Features
    Main characteristics
    Вместимост на контейнера (ml) 600 ml
    Working pressure (bar) 0 bar
    Nozzle diameter (mm) 1.5 mm
    Screw size 1/4"
    Working pressure (bar) 4 bar
    Container capacity (ml) 600 ml
    Rated voltage type Pneumatic
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