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  • For pumping, moving sewage water
  • Handle for convenient transportation
  • Automatic switching on and off
  • Adjustment of the built-in float
Article number: 070135
Barcode: 3800123166198
Brand: Raider Pro

The Submersible Pump RDP-WP28 is designed for drainage of small construction sites, ground floors, basements, garages and premises, for domestic accidents, for transferring water from one tank to another, etc.
Instead of the typical float , this pump model has a similarly designed mechanism located in the pump body. It allows manual tuning, whereby power is switched off. By switching to manual control, it is the responsibility of the pump not to operate in the absence of water.

This solution allows the pump to be used to dry flooded rooms or empty pools. Provided filtration of the pumped water with various debris and particles up to 35mm in size.

  • Maximum pump flow 150 l / min

  • Maximum delivery height up to 5 m

  • Maximum pump depth up to 5 m

  • Hose connection fitting 3/4 "- 1, 1/2" in diameter

  • The length of the electric cable is 10 m

  • Lightweight construction and ergonomic design

  • Features
    Main characteristics
    Cable length (m) 10 m
    Rated voltage (V) 230 V
    Discharge port (") 3/4|1 1/2 Inch
    Maximum particle size (mm) 35 mm
    Rated input power (W) 400 W
    Maximum submersion depth (m) 5 m
    Maximum delivery rate (l/h) 9000 l/h
    Rated voltage type Corded - Electrical Grid
    Pump material PVC
    Application Sewage Water
    Fitting1 pc.
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