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  • Made of high quality polyethylene
  • High quality shoulder straps with wide and soft pads
  • High quality filter for filtering the poured solution with a fine mesh
  • Removable internal filter before the pump
  • Robust metal carabiners for attaching the belts to the sprayer
  • High quality pump with a flow rate of 4 L/min
  • Telescopic extension made of stainless steel
Article number: 098106
Barcode: 3800972023598
Brand: Raider Garden Tools

Raider Pro R20 cordless tools have high performance, improved functionality and a three-year warranty. They have extremely high mobility and therefore find application in a number of activities. What binds the machines of the Raider Pro R20 series into a single family is that they are all designed to work with the same type, one or more 20V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

The RDP-SBKMD20 Solo cordless sprayer is made of high quality polyethylene. It has:

  • Wide and soft pads for long-lasting comfort

  • Suitable for aqueous solutions of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides

  • The sprayer is suitable for spraying orchards, vineyards, vegetables, for decontamination of warehouses, etc.

  • The cordless sprayer dispenses the product at a pressure of up to 0.3 MPa, for 4-6 hours on a single battery charge, depending on the battery charge capacity

  • Features
    Main characteristics
    Application Produce, Garden
    Rated voltage type Battery
    Solution spraying tank 15 l
    Additional characteristics
    Maximum delivery rate 4 l/min
    Hose length 1.7 m
    Input voltage 20 V
    Liquid type Aqueous Solutions for Pesticides
    Pump voltage 18 V
    Telescopic extension length 0.58 m
    Working pressure 0 - 0.3 Mpa
    Комплект колани1 бр.
    Телескопична тръба1 бр.
    Комплект дюзи1 бр.
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