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Drill bits for metal HSS + TIN have a surface treatment with titanium nitrate. With their help, holes can be drilled in materials such as cermets, copper, bronze, hard plastics, plexiglass, malleable cast iron, alloy and non-alloy steel.

  • Up to three times longer service life

  • Drill bit tip 135 °, cross sharpening according to DIN 1412

  • Up to 40% faster drilling in the material

  • Not suitable for aluminum

    Main characteristics
    Grip Cylindrical
    Application Metal
    Diameter 1.5, 10 mm
    Drill bit ø1.52 pc.
    Drill bit ø2.02 pc.
    Drill bit ø2.52 pc
    Drill bit ø3.01 pc.
    Drill bit ø3.21 pc.
    Drill bit ø3.51 pc.
    Drill bit ø4.01 pc.
    Drill bit ø4.51 pc.
    Drill bit ø5.01 pc.
    Drill bit ø6.01 pc
    .Drill bit ø8.01 pc.
    Drill bit ø10.01 pc.
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