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The mission of "Euromaster Import-Export" Ltd. since its foundation in 1992 has been to produce, deliver, develop and enrich its product range of power, pneumatic and mechanical hand tools and hardware, to effectively satisfy the consumer demand, to comply with European quality standards and to ensure competitive prices.

The corporate success and sustainability of the company is based on the succession in the way of action, long-term strategy, adaptability and flexibility. "Euromaster Import-Export" LTD is firmly oriented towards the requirements of its customers, for the business success depends on their satisfaction.
The lloyalty and the good interpersonal skills are the key component to the success and sustainability of the business of "Euromaster Import-Export" LTD.

Euromaster Import Export Ltd. is firmly oriented to the requirements of its customers, because the success of the business depends on their satisfaction. Loyalty and good interpersonal relationships are a key component of the success and sustainability of the business of Euromaster Import Export Ltd.

We, the employees of Euromaster Import-Export Ltd., highly appreciate the trust and loyalty of you, our customers and partners. Therefore, the primary concern of the company is to strive to meet the highest level of customer expectations for product quality and service quality. The policy of working with clients of Euromaster Import-Export Ltd. is aimed at:

The leading position of Euromaster Import-Export Ltd. in the market of tools is a high responsibility for the company's employees, which obliges them to maintain and increase the level of customer satisfaction through high quality products and services.

The values on which the successful business of "Euromaster Import-Export" Ltd is built upon are technological quality, which customers trust, and stable, open and honest relationships with business partners, manufacturers and distributors. The company sets objective and realistic goals and has professional and personal responsibility for the risks taken and decisions made.

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