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"Euromaster Import-Export" LTD is among the fastest growing companies in the country. But development means more responsibility to the world around us.

"Euromaster Import-Export" LTD manages and measures the corporate social responsibility with the same precision as measures all other business indicators.

Here are some of the initiatives and projects that "Euromaster Import-Export" LTD has initiated and supported so far:

• Long-term cooperation with Bulgarian Deaf Sports Federation, supported by the company's program for creation of job positions and transfer to a more appropriate job positions for reasons of health for people with disabilities.

• "Euromaster Import-Export" LTD supports the participation of its employees in the sports competitions organized by the Bulgarian Deaf Sports Federation and provides financial support to the same Federation.

• Gratuitous donation of tools packages for Bulgarian vocational schools for metalworking, woodworking and others, launching a corporate initiative for cooperation and promotion of vocational education in Bulgaria.

• "Let's clean Bulgaria for one day" - bTV national initiative, supported by "Euromaster Import- Export” Ltd. with provision of rakes and shovels for carrying out the cleaning activities in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

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