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Welding of metals is associated with a large number of dangerous and harmful factors, bright light of the electric arc, ultraviolet and infrared rays, hot metal and slag, toxic aerosols and gases.

One of the most important means of protecting the welder from these factors is the RAIDER welding helmet RD-WH01 has:

  • Dimming adjustment

  • Possibility to turn on / off the filter depending on the brightness of the arc and the light radiation of the hot metal

  • Photosolar + Lithium-ion battery power supply

  • Features
    Main characteristics
    UV/IR защита (DIN) 16 DIN
    Operating temperature (°C) -10 °C
    Storage temperature (°C) -20 °C
    Tig range (amps/DC; amps/AC) ≥ 35; ≥ 15 amps/DC; amps/AC
    Light to dark adaptation time (sec) 0.2 sec
    Light to dark adaptation time (sec) 0.5 sec
    Optical class 1/1/1/2
    Switching time (sec) 1/25000 sec
    Sensor 1
    Packing (pcs.) 1 pcs
    Dark shade state (DIN) 10 DIN
    Filter dimensions (mm) 110x90x9 mm
    View size (mm) 113x89 mm
    Dark shade state (DIN) 12 DIN
    Uv/ir protection (DIN) 16 DIN
    Light shade state (DIN) 4 DIN
    Operating temperature (°C) 55 °C
    Storage temperature (°C) 70 °C
    Dark shade state (DIN) 8 DIN
    View size (mm) 92x42 mm
    Turing on & off Automatically
    In accordance with CE EN175 EN379
    Sensitivity control Inner Side Adjustment From Low To High
    Material PP
    Rated voltage type Solar Cells + Li-Ion Battery
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